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The Benefits of A.I. Powered Risk and Compliance Automation for Banks

Artificial intelligence-powered solutions are promising to deliver next-gen features to banks. A.I. will allow us to automate and streamline risk and compliance processes. Predict360, our American Bankers Association endorsed compliance solution is also powered by artificial intelligence. When we look at the benefits these solutions can provide, it becomes clear why banks are implementing […]

Trends That Will Shape The Future of Bank Risk And Compliance Management

Risk and compliance management are both dynamic domains that evolve over time. Risk and compliance are affected by a changing business landscape, the economy, customer demands, corporate vision, and much more. Information technology has been the driving force behind most of the changes we observed in banking. The 2008 financial crisis was another major […]

The Advantages Of Cloud Risk And Compliance Management Frameworks

Cloud solutions have been available for businesses for a few decades now, but their importance has become clear in the past few months. Banks and financial institutions that were managing risk and compliance without using cloud solutions have suddenly found themselves unprepared for our current working conditions.
Cloud solutions allow the whole organization to collaborate […]

3 IT Policies That Can Enable Better Compliance Management

The focus of most risk management teams is to ensure that their organization can survive the pandemic and continue to deliver essential services. The pandemic has also exposed the vulnerabilities of many financial institutions when it comes to IT infrastructure, compliance management, and risk management. The financial sector is different from most other sectors […]

How Digital Payments, Contact-less Banking, and the Blockchain Will Affect Compliance Management

The banking and financial services sector has been at the forefront of adopting technology to enable better and secure customer experiences. The current pandemic has catalyzed the transition to digital systems, but it is important to understand that banks and financial service providers were already focusing on their digital infrastructure. The pandemic has only […]

Compliance Management in a Work From Home Environment

Collaborating with and monitoring the work of the rest of the organization are essential components of compliance management. The compliance team is tasked with not just ensuring that employees are following the required protocols, but also that new employees are trained according to regulations. It is a tough job, requiring the compliance team to […]