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Content Plugins

360factors Banking Risk Taxonomy/Library

360factors’ Risk Library provides customers with a set of standardized regulatory risk definitions (e.g., a common taxonomy) that are categorized by regulation and presented in an intuitive hierarchal format. Common descriptions enable banks and financial services organizations to consistently evaluate risks and controls across business and/or product lines, ensuring a comprehensive set of risks is considered and simplifying risk aggregation across the organization.

The library includes over 400 risks definitions for regulatory compliance.

In addition to these 400+ regulatory compliance risks, the 360factors’ Banking Risk Library Taxonomy also includes risk definitions for other banking risk categories, including

  • Credit
  • Market
  • Operational
  • Liquidity
  • Business
  • Reputational
  • Systemic
  • Moral Hazard
Content Plugins

360factors Key Risk Indicator (KRI) Library

Access 360factors’ growing library of Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) and standardize stakeholder understanding and analysis of organizational risk appetite.

  • The KRI Library includes over 80 KRIs across nine categories, including Capital (3), Credit (21), Management (16), Earnings (4), Liquidity (10), Market Risk (12), Operational (12), and Compliance (6), along with key upper and lower threshold data for baselining risk tolerance. Also includes optional risk mapping – KRIs are mapped to regulatory and other banking risks from 360factors’ extensive Risk Library.
Content Plugins

Code of Federal Registrar (CFR) Regulatory Knowledge Base

A complete database of regulations and requirements in the United States Code of Federal Registrar (CFR) is provided and pre-loaded into the Regulations & Obligations Repository. This database contains the final approved text of the CFR (it does not include proposed rules or news until they become final approved rules). The database is categorized based on the CFR number and hierarchy.

This functionality enables organizations to:

  • Identify gaps where they might not be meeting their regulatory obligations;
  • Identify risks to their organization; and
  • Quickly understand and assess the impact of a change in a regulation.
Content Plugins

Banking Compliance Testing Assessments & Checklists (QC/QA)

This content plug-in provides a set of compliance testing checklists and work paper templates for performing a variety of compliance testing & monitoring activities (often commonly referred to as compliance QC or QA) within a bank’s regulatory compliance organization. The content plug-in also includes a set of Word-based report templates that are automatically generated at the end of a completed compliance monitoring and testing series that summarizes the testing series, provides a list of the findings and recommendations and can be used for documenting the results of the compliance test.

This content plug-in requires the Predict360 Compliance Monitoring and Testing with Regulatory Risk Management application and comes pre-loaded into that solution.

Content Plugins

FIS Regulatory University Training

FIS Regulatory University is the financial services industry’s most comprehensive, authoritative, cost-effective, web-based regulatory training solution with a library of more than 300 courses covering safety and soundness, consumer protection laws and regulations, high and emerging risk issues, products and services, and other topics of relevance to banks and financial services institutions.


Content Plugins

ABA Risk Library

The ABA Risk library is a collection of over 800 risks across the typical banking risk categories including credit, operational and strategic risks that are based on ABA’s industry-leading Risk Management training courses and certificate programs. ABA members can access ABA’s Risk Library within Predict360 at no additional cost.

This library of banking risks is pre-loaded into and distributed directly within Predict360, 360factors’ ABA-endorsed Risk and Compliance Software platform for banks, and helps banks improve their risk coverage and identify missing gaps in their risk assessments while offering a fast and efficient way to onboard quickly within Predict360 with industry best practices content provided by ABA.


Content Plugins

Crowe Risks, Controls and Testing Scripts Library

The Crowe financial services risk, control and testing scripts library includes a comprehensive catalogue of risks, attributable controls and associated testing and assessment scripts. The library, coupled with 360factors’ risk and compliance intelligence platform, is adaptable to each client’s specific needs, helps enable growth strategies and meet business and regulatory expectations, and ensures maturity and sustainability of banking risk management programs.

360factors can provide the extensive Crowe library of enterprise risks and standards aligned to regulatory guidance, typical controls for each risk and testing steps for each control for a variety of compliance and banking risk categories pre-loaded into Predict360.


Content Plugins

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Assessment

NIST standards enable federal agencies, contractors and organizations to assess and manage cybersecurity risk with a set of guidelines and best practices controls for critical IT systems and infrastructure.

  • 360factors offers pre-populated assessment questionnaire related to NIST standards and controls to manage cybersecurity risk as presented in the NIST Framework. This content includes 130 Categories and Subcategories for the five NIST functions including: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover.
Content Plugins

FFEIC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (FFEIC CAT)

Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFEIC)’s CAT provides organizations with an assessment framework for organizations to assess and review their inherent risk profile and risk maturity levels. The framework offers five categories: Technologies and Connection Types, Delivery Channels, Online/Mobile Products and Technology Services, Organizational Characteristics, and External Threats and five Maturity Levels: Cyber Risk Management and Oversight, Threat Intelligence and Collaboration, Cybersecurity Controls, External Dependency Management, and Cyber Incident Management and Resilience.

  • 360factors provides over 130 assessment guidelines with mapped evaluation categories (Baseline, Evolving, Intermediate, Advanced, Innovative) across the five CAT domains.
Content Plugins

Regulatory Intelligence (News & Notifications Feed) from Reg-Room

Reg-Room LLC is dedicated to tracking Regulatory and Legal changes impacting the Financial Services Industry globally. With a team of over 30 subject matter experts (mostly lawyers) who track over 1,000 primary regulatory sources globally, Reg-Room’s goal is to provide a standardized feed of Expert High Level Analysis together with associated structured data to streamline the horizon scanning, applicability and impact analysis work undertaken by banks and financial services organizations.

Content Plugins

Regulatory Intelligence (News & Notifications Feed) (from

A powered news & notifications feed is displayed directly in the Predict360 Regulatory Change Management module that is filtered based on the specific topics, agencies, jurisdictions, states and/or countries relevant to the organization and provides the ability to initiate a regulatory change management workflow or dismiss each item with full audit trail and connection to regulatory mapping within the system.

  • Effectively, this single solution replaces are the external email subscriptions, RSS feeds and periodic web site research that your regulatory compliance team often need to review periodically.
  • Create and manage action items for regulatory intelligence
  • Includes 1 user license to the service connector
Other Plugins

Other Plug-Ins

Additional content frameworks and standards can be made be available as required but are dependent on how these frameworks and standards have been implemented within your organization. The Predict360 helps organizations manage their processes that have been implemented on an ongoing basis.

  • COBIT Framework and Toolset
  • COSO Framework and Toolset
  • ISO27000 Framework
  • PCI Compliance Framework
  • PII Compliance Framework
  • HiTrust Framework and Toolkit
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