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Access the Datasheet

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Get more out of your risk and compliance solution with Predict360’s extensive content library, plugins, and partnerships. Add features, data, dashboards, and much more.

The Predict360’s modular nature ensures that your organization will be able to get the functionality and features it needs. 360factors has partnered with some of the most innovative and trusted names in the risk and compliance world to bring you unparalleled functionality, integrations, intelligence, and much more.

Predict360 content plugins include knowledge bases, intelligence feeds, testing assessments and checklists, policy and procedure templates, trainings for banking and credit union professionals, risk taxonomy/library, and much more. Each plugin can be seamlessly integrated into the Predict360 Risk and Compliance solution.

Predict360 Content Plug-In Options

How Do I Access the Datasheet?

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Predict360 Content Libraries and Plugin Benefits

Enhanced functionality

Add new features to your risk and compliance framework

Actionable Insights

Add knowledge bases and data feeds that enable enhanced insights

Easy to Implement

Easily integrate plugins, content libraries, knowledge bases, and more