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Customers Using Predict360's AI-Powered Solutions

Intelligence and Experience, Combined

As part of 360factors’ industry leading Predict360 Risk and Compliance Platform, customers receive access to an extensive list of risk libraries, KRIs, Compliance Self-Assessments and Compliance Testing Sheets. These libraries can be pre-loaded into each customer’s Predict360 instance and then quickly tweaked by the customer to fit their specific needs and requirements.

These libraries are continuously expanded as a result of Predict360 customers contributing content to the community, providing feedback, and helping each other meet risk and regulatory compliance obligations in the best, most efficient manner possible. This unique approach to building an industry-leading library of best-practice content using a community of banks with a common purchase and shared goals is unique in the industry and one of the reasons for 360factors’ status as a thought-leader in delivering best-in-class risk and compliance solutions to banks and financial services organizations.