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Effective Management of Sediment Dredge Material Evaluations

Dredging is essential for the construction and maintenance of the marine infrastructure upon which our economic prosperity is dependent. The ongoing operational and technical challenges along with various regulatory requirements in dredging projects require effective dredging materials evaluations project management to ensure cost-efficient operations.

Based on the Permittee’s requirements and United States Army Corps of […]

Port of Houston Poised for Big Growth

With hopes for a bright future and thriving watercourse, the initial evaluation and research for the new Houston Ship Channel Expansion Channel Improvement study is underway. This potential mega-project represents a great opportunity to modernize the Houston shipping channels and help assure that the Port of Houston continues to serve its community, provide jobs […]

Are You Prepared for Large Scale Port Infrastructure Expansion?

The American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) just released its 2016-2020 Port Planned Infrastructure Investment Survey. In that survey, AAPA reports that U.S. ports and their private sector partners plan to spend $154.8 billion on port-related freight and passenger infrastructure projects between 2016 and 2020.  The biggest project investments will be in ports along […]

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The La Quinta Channel Dredging Project celebrated it first year anniversary of completion this February. A dredging project of this magnitude involved extending the channel approximately 1.4 miles (with a depth of 39 feet) and constructing an ecosystem restoration feature for the protection of endangered species, wetlands and seagrass.

This dredging project is one of […]