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How to Ensure Effective Policy and Procedure Management?

Posted by: Sarah Hamilton

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The worst thing a company can do is to put a bunch of Word documents in a software tool or on a shared drive and call itself protected. If this is currently the scenario in your organization, perhaps it is time to evolve and partner with a policy and procedure management software that helps you automate the lifecycle of your documents while significantly reducing your operational costs (overhead and administrative). Your further need a solution where policies and procedures and other documents are organized and linked to the regulations that impact your business enabling you to provide real-time evidence of compliance for audits.

How to Ensure Effective Policy and Procedure Management?

Ignoring or mismanaging documents can cost your company money, clients, or might even result in you closing your doors for good. Also, with the increasing number of policies, procedures and documents required to ensure compliance a manual, complex, and inefficient approach to policy and document management is no longer an option. Documents tend to get lost in routing through email and documents ages without notice. An efficient policy and procedure management system is therefore essential.

Policy and Procedure Management Software is affordable, powerful, easy-to-use and it helps businesses save money and increase productivity.

Predict360’s web-based Policy and Procedure Management Software enables organizations to understand all aspects of their document lifecycle which includes the creation or expiration of documents, activity, and communication around them, and the management of their change driven by standards, regulations and business requirements. It is an affordable, powerful, and easy-to-use Policy and Procedure Management System that helps your organizations save money and increase productivity.

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360factors, Inc. (Austin, TX) helps companies improve business performance by reducing risk and ensuring compliance. Predict360, its flagship software product, vertically integrates regulations and requirements, policies and procedures management, risks and controls, audit management and inspections, and on-line training and qualifications, in a single cloud-based platform based on artificial intelligence.

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