World class GRC Management Systems incorporate the principles by which global leading business entities govern their performance, specifically, the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profit. Maintaining a high ethical corporate standard and incorporating the systems required to demonstrate a commitment to corporate social responsibility continues to gain worldwide focus and emphasis.



In this summary, the focus is “People” and their protection through a sustainable health, safety and environment (HSE) management system. 

More global organizations are requiring positive evidence of adherence to the system or collection of systems in complex work environments. Fundamentally, the management system requires executive sponsorship, accountability at every level, responsibility of specific policies, adherence to business processes and the continuation of effective review(s) to drive increased performance and improvement throughout the organization.

While the principles of safety and messages such as “The target is zero.” intuitively indicate a company’s commitment to safe work practices, but questions remain:

  • how can organizations most effectively and efficiently govern all operations?
  • What insight can an organization gain from a collection of non-standardized, divisionally autonomous reporting systems?

With rapid change within organizations, whether driven by economic conditions, market pressures, competitive pressures or workforce challenges, none of these pressures allow excuse for a failure in Environmental Health and Safety or GRC when lives are at risk.



Opting for a GRC software platform like Predict360 that could be easily configured to offer a unique and comprehensive SEMS Compliance module that would automates the implementation of Safety Management System and Environmental Management Information System.

Standardized, consistent and sustainable policies and management systems will ensure business continuity.  Business continuity is a critical element of a sustainability framework.  When standards are consistent, People are in a better position to perform consistently.  They are also able to observe, analyze and measure results to a degree of predictability. This means, it shouldn’t be an issue if someone recommends a regulatory compliance software that could smoothly take care of these compliance woes.

As such, preventive and corrective actions can be incorporated to avoid the loss of the most precious bottom line metric, People!



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