Understanding Highlighted & Under-Reported Healthcare Compliance Issues Of 2015/2016

2016 is seeing the Healthcare Industry cope with issues and events such as the following:

The transformation of institutions from quantity based reimbursement models to quality based and financially incentivized systems that began in 2015 is still underway
Increasing drug prices due to drug shortages and drug consolidation requiring hospitals to scale their purchases so as […]

The ACA & Healthcare Outpatient Services Impact Perspective

“Risk Shifting”
With the adoption of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and shift from quantity to quality based reimbursement models, the healthcare landscape is shifting dramatically as to how providers are paid for their services.  The outpatient market is seeing a dramatic adjustment in volume of services based on this market demand.  According to a Health Facilities […]

Weather the Storm of Policy and Procedure Management

Storm of Content

The Affordable Care Act. HIPAA. OSHA. If there is one thing hospitals aren’t short of these days, it’s new rules and regulations. And for every fresh law or regulation that gets passed, new or updated policies follow. Add in new technology adoption by the way of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) or mobile […]

Audit Management in Healthcare

Industries everywhere are struggling with increasing business scrutiny and regulatory compliance challenges. The healthcare industry is faced with numerous compliance requirements and industry standards such as JCAHO, HIPAA and other national and state healthcare regulations. Patient safety and quality are also under constant scrutiny. Meanwhile, recent data breaches have raised new concerns around information […]

Training and the FDA – What do they want?

The FDA requires medical device and drug manufacturers to train their employees. Training must occur for all types of regulated activities from internal quality management procedures/policies to CFR requirements. The agency expects companies to establish comprehensive procedures that not only detail how the staff will be trained but also complies with the QSR record keeping […]