Regulatory Change Management

From Automation to Accountability: How Today’s Technology Manages End-to-End Regulatory Change Management

Regulatory change management lies at the intersection of several risk, compliance, and legal avenues. It involves audits, compliance documentation, risk management, change management, and other business processes.
Many of today’s technology-based regulatory change management solutions provide data customization and delivery automation for regulatory updates. These solutions address timeliness, efficiency, relevancy and accuracy challenges. However, chief […]

The Future of Regulatory Change Management

We are living in a time of immense technological growth. The information age has enabled advances in technologies that exponentially increase productivity and efficiencies. Regulatory change management (RCM) systems have benefited greatly from these technological leaps and have evolved along with technology.
A Chronology of Regulatory Change Management Solutions
Every major change in regulatory change management […]

Identifying and Eliminating the Time Sinks in Regulatory Change Management

The Pareto Principle, which states that 80% of the results are generated from 20% of the efforts certainly applies to regulatory change management. Regulatory experts spend an inordinate amount of time doing work that is a necessary prerequisite to their work and much less time on the actual work at hand. The good news […]

Staying Ahead of Regulatory Changes in the Financial Sector

Regulatory changes are an inescapable reality of businesses operating in the financial sector. The government is understandably concerned about ensuring that the financial sector manages risk properly. The global crisis that began due to a few banking institutions violating the spirit, if not the words, of regulations and laws has only increased regulatory pressure […]

Becoming an Organization That Embraces Regulatory Change

Regulatory change has been a constant for banks and financial institutions across the country. The regulatory framework businesses must abide by is constantly being updated and changed considering changing environments, advancements in technology, and other similar factors. If a business truly wants to thrive in the face of regulatory change, they need flexibility and […]

Compliance, Regulations, and Born Digital Competitors of Banks

Most people do not realize how important banks are to our economic system. For most of us banks are simply businesses that allow us to store our wealth and get loans and mortgages when needed. Banks play the crucial role of investing capital – which is crucial in a capitalist system. Banks allow people […]