Category: Regulatory Change Management

Expanding the Role of Regulatory Compliance Managers

The world of compliance management is changing rapidly. We saw the first major change with the influx of computers, then another one with the mainstream adoption of information technology. Compliance management solutions are ushering in another change and these changes are changing the job role and responsibilities of regulatory compliance managers.[...]

The Problems with Regulatory Reporting – and How Technology can Fix Them

Regulatory reporting is supposed to be the tool that helps governments ensure that the financial sector performs smoothly and does not cause any cascading problems. Even though there are extensive regulatory reporting requirements they often fail to achieve this objective, as evidenced by the recent financial crisis the world went through. What can we do to [...]

The Right Regulatory Change Management Framework

There are new and exciting possibilities in the world of regulatory change. The focus and importance placed by banks and financial institutions on regulatory change management is nothing new; organizations have taken regulatory change seriously from the very beginning. What is new is the modern, digital approach towards it. It is now possible to manage regul [...]

Regulatory change management’s role in the transformation of the energy industry

The energy industry is geared up for a transformation in the form of compliance management. With changing regulations, companies will need all the tools and support they can get to successfully transform. Regulatory change management solutions and compliance management solutions will become necessary in facilitating this transformation. This isn’t the fi [...]

A new and better approach towards tracking regulatory changes

Today's business climate is more complex and more challenging than ever before. As time goes on, regulations become more complex and more detailed. The financial industry’s innovation easily outpaces the regulatory bodies, which then start working on creating regulations for the new ideas, products, and businesses. New regulations or changes to existing re [...]