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Enterprise Risk Management and Financial Risk Management for Banks

Predict360 Enterprise Risk Management

The word risk carries many different meanings in different contexts. In the financial world there are two very different types of risks being considered – enterprise risks and financial risks.

When we talk about enterprise risks, we are talking about the risks that affect the bank itself. However, when we talk about financial risk management for banks, the concept of risk used in finance is different. In the analysis and financial management of many types of risk, the main types of financial risk are […]

Why the Risk Management Approach Works so Well for Businesses

Predict360 Enterprise Risk Management

On many occasions, the lack of review and control of companies, poor strategic management and misallocation of resources lead a company to failure.

All this despite having a good business model and a really interesting product or service. Using the risk management approach helps businesses protect their interests from known and unknown threats.

Understanding the importance of risk management
One of the main risks that a company faces is business risk. This supposes the achievement of some […]

Risk Management Principles for the Future

Predict360 Enterprise Risk Management

Every risk manager knows the basic risk management principles, but those are the principles which are applicable now. The financial sector is home to some of the most innovative countries in the world.

The financial sector is always interested in using the latest […]

Five Steps Towards a Better Risk Management Framework

Every business wants to improve their risk management framework. While managing the current risks is a good short-term objective, in the long-term businesses need an approach that will help them mitigate all future risks as well. Creating such a framework is easier said than done. It requires taking a better, more modern approach towards […]

Three Risk Management Techniques for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

Managing risk is essential for all businesses but there is a difference in the resources available for small and large businesses when it comes to risk. Large businesses have dedicated risk management departments and can spend millions of dollars on risk management technology. Small businesses cannot afford either of these. Most have dedicated risk […]

The 5 Steps of Creating a Cyber Security Risk Management Strategy

The threat of cyber security risks for businesses cannot be understated. Businesses cannot function without networks and servers and cyber attacks target networks and servers. The aim of these attackers is to cripple businesses by making business continuity impossible. These hackers often ask for a ransom before they give control of the system back […]

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