SEMS Workshop

Training Verification

During one of our SEMS Workshop held in Houston, our discussions and presentations were focused on contractor management and how operators are approaching it with SEMS. One question that was brought up was about training verification. These third party contractors that are hired have to provide proof of the proper training needed for a […]

How are Operators Addressing Contractor Management Under SEMS?- SEMS Workshop Recap

On February 20th, ERM and 360factors held a SEMS workshop at the Mays School of Business in Houston, Texas. It was a great turnout, and there were some interesting questions and discussions brought up by the attendees based on the presentations given. The topic of the workshop was the following: how are operators addressing […]

Oil & Gas SEMS Workshop on February 20, 2014

Come join us for a delicious lunch at the Mays School of Business in Houston and listen to industry experts discuss how operators are addressing contractor management under SEMS. This is a great opportunity to share community best practices, learn from subject matter experts, network, and enjoy a free lunch. Reserve your spot now.

When: […]