Baby Steps to Compliance – A Safety Manager’s Story

Posted by: Raza Shahid | February 17, 2014


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Serving in OT Safety space for over 4 years, I have heard many stories first hand – most of these coming from the Compliance/Safety managers and supervisors at various contracting companies consulting me at the dawn of the dead situation. I call it that, because I have personally seen the impact of not having proper regulatory change management software or an automation tool which puts you and your company in the best sport with regulatory compliance and confidence when facing OSHA inspectors. Here’s a short one that emphasizes on the importance of Compliance Management Software.



“Please tell me about your PPE plan and I am visiting today  to see how properly you are managing Hazard assessment for your workforce and have a look at your equipment, and while at it let’s review your training documents and frequency of inspection(logs)”

Now that is a detailed question – you could answer this and your process of response to this could go really easy if you are utilizing Regulatory Change Management software which gives you the capability of:

a)      external and internal audit when needed

b)      have a requirements knowledge base (data warehouse of all regulations/CFR’s), with the ability to track new regulations and updating itself, without you having to spend hours searching through OSHA and federal websites for new changes (Regulatory tracking system).

c)       Create Policies and Procedures – map these to most commonly occurring risks and through;

d)      risk management  (risk assessment, risk register, bowtie analysis) identify a critical failure in compliance comprehension immediately

e)      and create cases through case management ( register risks and set level of criticality – followed with alerts to keep you on the pace)

f)       Assign and train your workforce on all major OSHA certifications – OSHA 10 and OSHA 30, Hazwoper and Hazmat courses through Learning Management Software (LMS with a library of over 6,000 regulatory compliance courses)

g)      Run report on all of these pieces or a collective report to suffice incoming bullets (Questions) from the Inspector

Below is a simple Hazard management workflow that you can start with today. Reach out and see how we can simplify the silos of compliance regulations governance for you.

safety management


Predict360 (SaaS based Regulatory Compliance Software) is a complete Regulatory Change Management software that enables companies to intelligently comply with OSHA and federal regulations utilizing automation technology. Not only all of the above, but you can also create your own workflows or import the ones you think rationalize with your workforce.

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