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Target’s Information Security Breach

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Lets go back in time.

Target – the third largest US retailer – on its massive data breach where up to 70 million people are involved in the massive credit card heist at Target stores ensures its clients “zero liability” for costs incurred by fraudulent charges. This age of information calls for a challenge for organizations or even individuals to manage information security  risk compliance as the threat to information security is rapidly rising and companies are being fined millions of dollars for violating Information Security laws and increasing the risk of sabotage.

Information Security Risk Management has been in the spotlight since the onset of the information age. As we have several overlapping IT security regulations with different controls, it can cause chaos and ambiguity with respect to which regulations apply, how it impacts internal audit, behavioral risk, operational risk, evidence, policies and procedures, culture and integrity.

“desperate times call for desperate measures”

Vendors and solutions are out there. But if you need it desperately then Predict360 regulatory compliance software that correlates security information from multiple data sources with current information security regulations, standards and policies to gauge risk and provide actionable insight – disruptive innovation at its best.


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