How to Ensure Successful Risk Management?

In order to survive in today’s raging economic times, it is imperative that companies manage risk well. Effective risk management ensures value, agility and efficiency for the organization.

Apply the following risk management steps for success at your organization:

Step One: Risk Identification and Documentation

Identify all risks that are likely to affect the portfolio of the […]

Automated and Integrated Safety Management System

Are You Still Relying on Spreadsheets for Safety Management? Or do you have an automated and integrated safety management system at your workplace?

Unfortunately many organizations today are still relying on spreadsheets to track their safety resources, training, and controls. Spreadsheets despite being a powerful tool, lack many of the functions required to make safety […]

Enterprise Wide Cyber Risk Management

Our financial industry has been plagued with financial crimes like phishing, fraud, critical data leakage, security lapses and anti-money laundering experiences. Cyber security has become an extremely important challenge for the banks. Failure in cyber security not only impacts operations, reputations and core processes, but public’s confidence in financial services also gets hampered. The […]

Are Robots Taking over Banking Industry?

A recent Business Insider survey of chief technology officers, entrepreneurs, chief innovation officers and startup founders found out that financial industry was bracing for “automation” in the next decade. Many of us have the inherent fear that technology is all about replacing humans. But Fintech is all set to embrace automation with a clear […]

Why Banks are Apprehensive to Fully Embrace Fintech

Last year, Fintech investment grew 44% to $14.8 billion, aiding the development of digital tools in areas such as mobile payments, money transfer, lending and alternative currencies. So why are incumbent financial institutions apprehensive about jumping in?

The regulatory framework dictating how banks can use emerging technologies is not very well-defined, leaving banks to guess how a […]

Risky Business: Healthcare Compliance is a Priority over Data Security!

A recent Healthcare Edition of the 2016 Vormetric Data Threat Report (DTR) observed that despite feeling vulnerable to data threats, IT security leaders are prioritizing and focusing more on Compliance. 96% are already bracing for an attack on the personal information, and almost 63% of them experienced a past data breach, with nearly one […]