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The Role of Software in GRC Space

Posted by: ellany-anlap | September 10, 2013

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Governance, Risk & Compliance – GRC – is paving the way to not only expand the business but to add business value through efficient financial/operational processes; to develop and improve operational decision making and strategic planning. GRC is a constantly changing space, the requirements needed in order to have the best practices are dynamic and are always growing, they always shift based on many factors.

And the best way to keep up is to turn to technology which will integrate the GRC framework to promote visibility, produce accurate reports needed for operational decision making, and to ensure integrity-driven performance.

GRC Software is a key component in the implementation and maintenance of GRC framework. Management of processes dependent on word processing documents invites error. Companies need an integrated approach that is document-centric and embedded into core business processes in a form of GRC software – this, in effect, puts people, process and technology in synergy towards one big goal. Organizations should veer away from silos, working in factions, and the reactive way of dealing with things. The approach to GRC should be integrated, risk-based and proactive.

We all know how regulations can cause a lot of chaos with the way it changes. The best way to cope with it is an integrated enterprise GRC software with the latest:

  • Regulatory library
  • Regulatory knowledge management
  • Risk management
  • Audit management
  • Incident management
  • Case management
  • Policy and procedures management
  • Competency management tools
  • Learning management

and industry specific regulatory expert advice through expert connect module and 6000 compliance courses to equip you to meet your critical business objectives. All these modules are present in a state of the art regulatory compliance software like Predict360.

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