Vendor Management

A Concise Introduction to Vendor Management

Vendor management can help businesses achieve better quality service from vendors and enables businesses to perform better themselves. Working with the right vendors mean happy customers and smooth operations, while working with vendors that cannot be depended upon results in problems and turmoil. Thus, any business that wants to deliver consistency to their customers […]

How GRC Helps with the Vendor Management Lifecycle

Managing vendors is a complicated task – it goes beyond simply telling them what you need and them delivering the services.

What is Vendor Management?
Vendor management is the process through which businesses ensure that they have vendors that are capable, qualified, and trustworthy enough to deliver business critical services. Vendors are not a […]

Streamlining the Vendor Management Process 

Vendor management can be a very frustrating part of the business. Vendors are absolutely crucial to business operations, but they operate independently, which makes them an uncontrollable factor for management. Businesses that do not have a proactive vendor management process find themselves in trouble when one of their vendors makes a mistake. If the […]

Four Steps for Better Vendor Compliance Management

Vendors are an integral part of doing business, but they increase risks of non-compliance. Businesses are responsible for any non-compliance in their own services even if the non-compliance was committed by a vendor. It is the responsibility of every business to ensure that every part of them business process is compliant.

If the vendors commit […]

Third Party Vendor Management for Small Businesses

Small and big businesses operate in the same environment under the same laws but the practicalities and realities of doing business are very different for them. These differences exist in vendor relationships as well. Big businesses generally deal with big vendors who can provide them supplies, materials, and services across the country. Small businesses […]

Three Compliance Management Tools Every Manager Needs

Demystifying the uses and practicalities of GRC.

GRC is an umbrella term covering technologies and models of all types and sizes. We are aware of the big picture improvements that GRC can bring to an organization’s compliance management framework. The practical side of it – the tools that are employed and the direct benefits they […]