3-Minute Peer Survey: How Prepared is Your Bank for Handling Coronavirus Risk?

Available Today through April 10, 2020

As we’ve been talking to banking and financial services peers over the past week, the most pressing question being asked by risk managers is, “What do I need to do at this moment, to identify and mitigate the risks from the Coronavirus pandemic?”

We have taken questions and ideas from these discussions and created a 3-minute Pandemic Operational Risk Survey for the mid-sized banking and financial services community with the goal of providing recommendations, peer benchmarking and identifying best practices.

Take the Survey

Participate today and receive valuable insights into the challenges other mid-sized banks are experiencing, what actions they are taking to address changes to their business environment, and some ideas on what to watch out for and/or where to take action before something further creates a further risk to your organization.

The survey is anonymous. An email is optional for those who want to receive a report of the results.