Complimentary White Paper: FRED and Its Utilization in Predictive Risk Management | Request Demo

360factors is an organization with a global presence; we have offices in multiple countries and clients all over the country. We are keeping a close eye on the developing Covid-19 situation and making sure that our employees work in a safe environment and our services continue to deliver peak performance. We wanted to assure our customers that all solutions offered by Predict360 will continue to be operational. Predict360, Insight360, and the other tools powered by 360factors are based in the cloud with redundant backup locations which enables us to provide exemplary performance without endangering any employees or customers in any way. We are focused on ensuring business continuity because of the role our solutions play in managing the risk and mitigating the damages businesses are facing due to this outbreak. Managing risks and ensuring safety has become exponentially more important during these times, and many businesses depend on Predict360 solutions to manage these risks. We are making sure our customers are able to quickly assess the risks posed by the outbreak and are able to collaborate on risk mitigation strategies through the Predict360 platform. The Predict360 platform is cloud-based which makes it uniquely suited for the current business climate. As more and more businesses shift to a work from home arrangement to encourage social distancing, their risk, compliance, and audit teams will be able to access Predict360 from home and ensure that all governance, risk, and compliance-related issues, tasks, and processes are being managed. We have also taken steps to ensure that our employees are provided a safe working environment across our offices in different countries. We have implemented strict sanitation protocols where all office floors and services are being periodically sanitized. We are following local laws and government recommendations to provide all 360factors employees a safe working environment. A large part of our workforce will be working from home over the coming few weeks so they can safely practice social distancing. We already have the infrastructure and equipment required to ensure that everyone can work at peak productivity from their homes. These are the decisions we have taken in light of all the reliable information we have about the outbreak. We will keep a close watch on any new developments and will take actions accordingly. We have strong business continuity plans in place and do not expect any disruptions in our services in the foreseeable feature. Warm regards, Carl McCauley, CEO 360factors