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Many banking and financial services organizations coping with the operational impact of Covid-19 are struggling with how the activities, incidents and requests triggered by this pandemic are being properly reported, tracked, prioritized and managed while ensuring effective collaboration across now-remote team members.

As an ABA endorsed solution provider, 360factors, in alignment with our Corporate Social Responsibility Program, strives to continuously give back to the banking and financial services community, especially in light of the recent effects concerning Coronavirus. 360factors is offering banks and financial services organizations free access to our Predict360 Issues and Incidents Management application through August 31, 2020.

Free - Pandemic Issues and Incidents Management Collaboration System

Easily configure yourself in less than 60 minutes or take advantage of 360factors’ Customer Success team’s complimentary setup services. This solution will be provided completely free (no initial or ongoing costs) through August 31, 2020 with no obligation to use the system beyond that date.

With a free, pre-configured Pandemic Issues & Incidents Management form and workflow, the software is ready to use out-of-the-box and includes a web form that any employee, partner or customer can submit an incident, issue or request that is then routed, tracked and managed for full collaboration by your team.

Here’s an example of how banks are using this Pandemic Issue Management system today:

  1. A bank teller notices that a customer is ill. He navigates to a web page that hosts his bank’s proprietary Pandemic Issue web form and provides the details.
  2. After filling out a few required fields, the issue is logged into the system and automatically kicks off a workflow that sends alerts and assigns tasks to the bank personnel responsible for follow-up activities, including employees from risk, compliance and business operations.
  3. The risk managers can then track, monitor, and report on follow-up activity progress to ensure an appropriate remediation and outcome while ensuring complete organization visibility.

Like you, 360factors is optimizing business continuity and risk management in today’s ever-changing environment. As a technology leader in the banking and financial services industry, and as ABA’s endorsed solution provider for Risk and Compliance Management software, we take our corporate social responsibility sincerely, which is why we making this offer available with:

No cost. No credit cards. No contracts. No commitment. No strings attached.

Free - Pandemic Issues and Incidents Management Collaboration System