Mastering Risk: How to Elevate Your Third-Party Risk and Compliance Management Program

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Fortify Your Organization’s Resilience Against Third-Party Risks and Enhance Your Risk and Compliance Management Strategy

Dive into the complexities of third-party risks and grasp the dynamic nature of the regulatory compliance landscape. Our e-guide delivers a strategic roadmap encompassing the five critical stages of the TPRM lifecycle: Planning, Due Diligence and Selection, Contract Management, Ongoing Monitoring, and Termination. Discover how to fortify your organization against unforeseen challenges, ensure compliance with regulatory standards, and cultivate resilient and secure partnerships.

Mastering Risk: How to Elevate Your Third-Party Risk and Compliance Management Program

The guide provides insights into how financial institutions can enhance third-party due diligence and selection efforts by identifying and categorizing potential partners based on the criticality of their functions.

Explore the significance of contract management and the role of well-crafted contracts, agreed performance measures, provision of timely information, compliance with applicable laws, and periodic assessments. Learn about the necessity of ongoing risk monitoring and assessment, review of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), incident response, crisis management, regular testing of controls, and tracking changes in third-party management.

The guide highlights the importance of efficient termination processes and post-termination evaluation of third parties to position your organization for continuous improvement by learning from post-termination evaluations.

Download the guide today and embark on a journey toward excellence, resilience, and sustained success in the ever-evolving landscape of third-party risk and compliance management.

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Key Learning Outcomes of This E-Guide are:

  • Comprehensive Understanding of TPRM Lifecycle
  • Strategic Planning for Third-Party Relationships
  • Effective Due Diligence and Selection Process
  • Robust Third-Party Contract Management Strategies
  • Proactive Ongoing Monitoring and Termination Practices

As financial institutions navigate the complexities of third-party relationships considering regulatory guidelines, our e-guide serves as your companion, offering insights, strategies, and a systematic approach to mastering third-party risks.

Your Path to Proactive Third-Party Risk Management and Compliance Starts Here!

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