Streamline all EHS compliance aspects with a sustainable and reliable software.

Environmental Health & Safety Regulatory Compliance

The Challenges

  • Environmental, health and safety compliance has gained top priority for most organizations, with an increasing number of international laws, as well as several federal, regional and local reporting guidelines governing the subject.
  • A multitude of EHS compliance issues can be generated at various levels in the vast global supply chain through which a product navigates to reach the customers, and involves a range of functions such as production, processing, packaging and distribution.

Our Solution

360factors provides a regulatory risk and compliance management software platform and advisory services deigned to make healthcare organizations make their OSHA, NFPA, IAEA, API, IP and ASME risk initiatives more effective and efficient through a simple yet effective regulatory risk and change management model and methodology.

We offer two unique solutions:

Option 1

Predict360 Managed Services

In managed services, you pay a flat fee to license the software along with our services. Our clear and concise compliance framework enables EHS professionals to plan and keep current their EHS compliance programs.

Option 2

You can secure advisory services on a short and long term project basis. These experts will help guide you to create the most efficient, sustainable and reliableEHS regulation management system possible.

Our experts follow a consistent Regulatory Risk and Compliance Management methodology.

  • Regulations drive the “Why” – why does an organization need to comply?
  • Once we understand the “why”, that leads to the “What” – what are the controls and what are the risk levels?
  • Once we identify the risk levels, this helps us prioritize which risks need to be addressed, leading us to the “How”.

Regulatory Change Management Methodology

  • The “How” entails defining a clear end-to-end process on how to mitigate risk and achieve compliance.
  • Once the process is defined, the next step is to identify the point of compliance which is the “Where” – typically a branch office.
  • Once the point of compliance is defined, the last step in the process is to identify the “Who” – who is responsible and who is accountable for actions and approvals?

Our Software

Our advisers and experts use Predict360, a regulatory risk and compliance software to streamline advisory services as a competitive differentiator. It vertically integrates all modules whichallows organizations to manage their environmental health and safety regulatory compliance programs based on federal and state regulations through a single platform.

  • It is a cloud-based system that helps you through the entire lifecycle of achieving and maintaining safety compliance. It is integrated to efficiently manage and track key safety processes and compliance guidelines based on national and international regulations.
  • Enables the organization to operate efficiently through highly configurable workflow management, audit processes, inspection, risk management, incident tracking and CAPA.
  • Creates and distributes compliance surveys and trainings; and monitors the effectiveness of trainings to reduce the risk of non-compliance.