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Leadership Team

Janine Kasper, Vice President of Partnerships and Channels

Janine Kasper is a Board of Director, Advisory Board Member and currently holds the position of Vice President of Partnerships and Channels at 360factors.

As a member of the executive leadership team at 360factors, Janine will develop, execute, and drive accelerated growth through innovative partnerships such as resellers and referral agreements and expand the 360factors solution suite into new channels.

Janine’s Board and Advisory Board positions are with companies that span the non-profit sector and for-profit companies in the financial services technology, regulatory, fintech, payments, and learning and development space expanding solutions to underserved, minority audiences. She uses her passion for fighting human trafficking, violence, fraud, cybercrime, and further healthy economic communities in the roles she is serving in.

Janine Kasper is the previous President at Texas Bankers Association Services Company, Inc., a Subsidiary of the Texas Bankers Association. She is a strategist, respected leader, community bank and small business advocate, fintech enthusiast and financial services expert.

Janine is passionate about transforming community banking by aligning innovative providers with banks to bring technology and other services to hometowns and businesses across the country to keep community banks at the heart of our economy.

In her role at TBA, she led the strategic direction and execution of models to put community banks in a position to bring products and services to market faster and to be nimbler while retaining the highest levels of security and adhering to all regulations required of banks. Janine and her team put the needs of the community banks they serve at the center of their view which attracts innovators, investors and existing products and services providers to the TBA marketplace of bankers.

Janine’s background includes creating and executing the customer experience across all channels, call centers and the physical branch. She has a proven record in helping partners compete by developing and executing strategic plans across multiple lines of business, blending systems and cultures through mergers and acquisitions, and has a broad base of industry knowledge in various other areas. She has also led cross-functional teams of subject matter experts, project managers and consultants.

Janine holds an MBA from Franklin University in Columbus, OH and a BBA in Marketing with a focus in Management from the University of Texas at Austin.

Janine has volunteered as a member of a State Banking Association Board of Directors and has served on a credit union board of directors in various officer positions and is a past Chairman. She also volunteers as the Design Review Committee Chairman for her Homeowners Association, held various officer positions on the HOA Board of Directors and is a past Chairman. Throughout Janine’s career she has volunteered on other committees, councils and has been a member of other board of the directors.

Although Janine is a born and raised Texan, she currently lives outside of Denver, Colorado and enjoys traveling and experiencing new places. She loves scuba diving, camping, fishing, float/flyfishing, snow skiing, hiking, and spending time with her husband, family, and friends and her two male cavapoos, Bandit and Ranger.