Reduce operational risk, increase business performance and meet regulatory compliance through incident/case management

The Challenges

  • Despite improvements in regulatory compliance, many organizations still lack a structured approach to deal with the incident management process.
  • With the increasingly record high number of reported fraudulent activities or observed misconduct within organizations, companies need to effectively and efficiently manage cases and investigations to avert fraud and other ethics hotline issues.
  • In a non-automated environment compliance incidents are captured and recorded manually, an unreliable and inconsistent process prone to oversight and delays which prevent organizations from reporting on status or assign tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • Increasing compliance complexities call for an automated process that allows organizations to gather issues generated from different areas of business – Audit, Compliance, IT or Risk Management – through a single, user-friendly, automated platform.
  • Today incidents are logged in silos with different teams working on similar incidents and not well synchronized. Additionally, some organizations find themselves dealing with recurring incidents without adequate CAPA. Incident management is integral to operational efficiency as a way to identify, analyze, and correct hazards to prevent a future recurrence.

Our Solution

Predict360’s Incident Management Software enables organizations to collect, store and track and collaborate on compliance-related incidents. It has a built-in investigation feature that is mapped back to the incident, streamlining your corrective and preventive actions (CAPA). It is a comprehensive solution that will streamline an organization’s ability to track CAPA through managing a wide range of incidents and issues with configurable workflows and forms. Examples include fraud hotline tips, workplace investigations and quality management, incident management and task management, whistleblowing and legal.

Predict360’s Incident Management Software is licensable as a standalone web-based application or as part of a vertically integrated solution which includes regulations and requirements, policies and procedures, risks and controls, audit and inspections, and on-line training and qualifications.

Key Features

Predict360 modules are flexible and adaptable enough to align risk management with business strategy and create industry specific compliance workflows:

  • Ability to assign tasks, track and catalog operational risk through task management.
  • Respond to incidents in a timely manner through reminders and escalations sent directly to your email.
  • Track the status of incident investigations at multiple sites.
  • Customizable workflow engine for unique workflow processes for different types of incidents with easy-to-use submission forms and automated alerts.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) dashboards and reporting are driven by assigned priority, impact, urgency, type and category, parties involved, and business unit\organization area.
  • Ability to link incident investigations to applicable regulations, standards and business requirements providing evidence of compliance and supporting an “audit ready” state.