10 SEMSinar™ Series, Part 4

Hosted by: 360factor, Inc.
Presented by: Brady Austin, SEMS and Regulatory Compliance Expert
Meeting Number: 801-294- 661
Meeting Password: semsinar

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This webinar was held on March 28th, 2013, below is the recorded webinar video for those who missed it:

10 SEMSinar™ Series, Part 4 Element 2 & 3 – Safety and Environmental Information/ Hazard Analysis from 360factors

Presentation Method: Web/Phone

360factor invites you to the attend Part 4 in its 10 SEMSinar™ webinar series panel discussion “Element 2 & 3- Safety and Environmental Information/ Hazard Analysis” for FREE on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 at 1 PM CST

Listen to the panel of key SEMS thought leaders and analysts as they answer your questions and share their thoughts on:

  • Hazard Analysis Methodology
  • Safety and environmental information is the basis for your management system design
  • BSEE and others provide you notes (Safety Alerts) for your sheet of music (Management System)
  • Risk Based Approach to Hazard Analysis
  • Software tools to access environmental regulations such as Sub part S, O, G ,H and API standards can help stream line your SEMs compliance
We explain how the API RP 14J is your bible for Hazard Analysis Methodology. The safety and environmental information you utilize is the basis for your management system design. There are numerous “lessons learned” out there that are public knowledge; learn how these can provide you a road map.

See what training you would be required to provide to assist you on the way to competency excellence. Not only will this benefit your audit results but your bottom line.

Become part of the SEMS proactive environment and stay off of the BSEE radar. If you have any questions you would like to submit prior to this presentation, or if you wish to attend but cannot make the scheduled time, please email the webinar coordinator, Brittney Alexander, [email protected], and she will send you a link to the recorded version within 2-3 business following the webinar.