360factors, the technology leader in GRC, is presenting a webinar titled “How Banks Can Better Identify, Predict and Mitigate Emerging Risks”. In this webinar 360factors discusses the importance of evolving risk reporting and management by adding risk insights and predictive analytics into banks’ compliance and risk arsenals.

This webinar focuses on different levels of risk maturity and best practices to integrate new risk reporting capabilities that increase organizational excellence We’re going to undertake the journey to transform your risk intelligence reporting from basic risk assessments (RCSA) to enterprise and operational risk management (ERM & ORM) – creating value for the organization by predicting risks using internal and external data/KPIs to increase profitability and accelerate innovation.

Learn best practices to mature risk programs in a way that directly influences business results; regardless of how the organization currently tracks and manages risks.

Learning Objectives:

  • Challenges and limitations of risk management reporting today
  • Achieving a path to risk maturity that is applicable for banks of any size
  • Incorporating internal and external data and KRIs to transform your risk reporting approach and enable you to predict risks
  • The impact real-time predictive insights can have on driving value creation

How banks can better identify, predict and mitigate emerging risks



Robert Berger, Vice President of Sales

Robert brings over 18 years of technical sales and people management experience to 360factors. As VP of Sales, Robert is focused on building an industry-leading sales organization founded on a culture of customer success, integrity, and continuous improvement. He works with many customers who are seeking ways to improve their risk and compliance programs and welcomes the opportunity to share his thought leadership from his experience on these topics.

Peter Moenickheim, Chief Risk Officer at Gateway First Bank

My name is Peter Moenickheim, and I am a proven global risk management leader. I have a real passion for helping companies create innovative risk mitigation solutions to achieve an appropriate tradeoff between risk and reward.