Presented by 360factors
Wednesday, March 13, 2018 2:00 PM ET 

For the vast majority of small to mid-sized banks and financial institutions, managing risk and compliance requirements are a necessary but painful and complex area of their business to manage. Combined with the increasing complexities of today’s risk environment and constantly changing regulatory landscape, it’s no wonder small to mid-sized banks and financial institutions are looking for how they can streamline their compliance and risk management functions to make them more efficient and effective.

Top 10 Compliance Initiatives for 2018 in small to mid-sized banks and financial institutions

Capturing the top issues and trends expressed by their customers over the last year, ABA’s endorsed solution provider for compliance management, 360factors, recently released a white paper listing the “Top 10 compliance initiatives for 2018 in small to mid-sized banks and financial institutions“.

Unlike other market trend reports that typically focus on the complex compliance challenges that large banks face, which are dramatically different than the needs of small and mid-sized banks, this white paper is specifically focused on and explores the top compliance initiatives that many small and mid-sized banks and financial are looking to implement and/or improve in 2018.

In this webinar, 360factors will discuss these Top 10 Compliance Initiatives in more details, provides potential solutions for many of these compliance initiative, and conduct a lively Q&A session to answer any questions you may have regarding these top trends.

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