Complimentary White Paper: How Advanced Risk-Control Self-Assessment (RCSA) Can Better Evaluate and Mitigate Emerging Risks

Top 10 Risk Management Trends for 2019

360factors has joined banking and financial sector stakeholders to investigate risk management strategies and priorities for 2019. During this webinar Robert Berger, VP of Sales, will explore the following topics:

  • Key financial sector risks and their impacts
  • Strategies successful banks are adopting to reduce risk levels
  • How technology plays a role in assuring effective risk management

Top 10 Risk Management Trends for 2019



Robert Berger, Vice President of Sales

Robert brings over 18 years of technical sales and people management experience to 360factors. As VP of Sales, Robert is focused on building an industry-leading sales organization founded on a culture of customer success, integrity, and continuous improvement. He works with many customers who are seeking ways to improve their risk and compliance programs and welcomes the opportunity to share his thought leadership from his experience on these topics.