Building a Culture of Compliance

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Creating a Sustainable Culture is the Key to Continuous Improvements in Compliance

The most effective way of increasing compliance levels is to create a culture of compliance, a culture in which every action taken is naturally compliant from the beginning. However, such a culture remains elusive for many organizations. To create a corporate environment that focuses on compliance it is necessary to ensure that all the ingredients of this culture are present within the organization. These ingredients include the right approach, technology, hierarchy, and more.This guide is focused on the model of compliance that is most likely to result in the culture that organizations need. We focus on the three lines of defense model and then on strengthening the first line of defense with the help of technology. We look at how making compliance convenient can have a major impact on the compliance levels of the organization.

Download This Guide to Learn

Download This Guide to Learn:

  • Why the first line of defense often fails and how it can be strengthened
  • How we can bring compliance to the front line of the business
  • What role the second line of defense plays in such a model
360factors helps in providing

360factors helps in providing:

  • A compliance solution designed specifically to meet the needs of small to mid-sized banks and financial institutions
  • A complete GRC solution for the financial sector
  • Standalone Compliance, Regulatory Change, and Risk Management Solutions

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