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Reasons to Use Policy and Procedure Software

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How a Better Approach to Policy and Procedures Generates Business Value

Managing policies and procedures is an integral function of any organization. It is the legal and ethical duty of every organization to ensure that it has policies and procedures in place which help its employees, fosters growth of the organization, and the betterment of all associated stakeholders. Many different industries also need to have policies and procedures due to regulations and laws related to their industry.Managing policies and procedures manually, quickly results in an ineffective system. Policies and procedures are spread out over many different documents, and are not easily accessible for all stakeholders.

This means that the policies and procedures only exist on paper, instead of dictating the culture and being present for reference whenever needed. It also results in disparate policies and procedures, some of which are updated while others are outdated. A policy and procedure management software solution allows organizations to overcome these challenges.

Download This Guide to Learn

Download This Guide to Learn:

  • The five biggest advantages to using policy and procedure software
  • How policy and procedure software applications help organizations create the right culture
  • How automated policy lifecycle management benefits organizations
360factors helps in providing

360factors helps in providing:

  • A standalone policy and procedure management module that manages all policy and procedure related tasks
  • Features such as document management, version management, library management, as well as controls and permissions
  • Integrated workflow tools that facilitate the review, approval, check-out, modification and access of documents as well as creating a true audit trail

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