Top 10 Risk Management Trends for 2019

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Meeting the Unique Risk Challenges and Opportunities Present in 2019

Disruptive technologies, advancements in business models, a rapid rise in regulatory pressure, and a major demographic and cultural shift are all re-shaping the way risk intersects with companies and how progressive companies address risks into their strategies. This has given rise to new and innovative risk management trends and strategies in the banking sector.

GRC has emerged as the principal approach adopted by banks for addressing the dynamic regulatory obligations and emerging risks. Smaller to mid-sized banks have also increased their focus on risk management and the demand for technology in smaller to mid-sized banks is now greater than in large enterprises.

As 2019 starts, we talked to banks and financial institutions to discover their strategies and thoughts for risk management in the coming year. We look at their goals and the factors that are driving the changes we can observe in the financial sector.

Download This Guide to Learn

Download This Guide to Learn:

  • What new risks have emerged in the past year
  • How banks are changing their risk management strategies
  • Why technology is such a vital component of risk management strategies in 2019
360factors helps in providing

360factors helps in providing:

  • A risk management solution designed specifically to meet the needs of small to mid-sized banks and financial institutions
  • A complete GRC solution for the financial sector
  • Standalone Compliance, Regulatory Change, and Risk Management Solutions

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