The Top 7 Strategic Risk Metrics Your Board Needs for 2021 and Beyond

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Better Metrics Mean Better Mitigation, Insights, and Risk Predictions

Today we have exceptional access to a wealth of data and information. For banks, credit unions and financial services institutions, there is no such thing as too much data; however, the fact that every bank transaction can be tracked and measured does impact the signal to noise ratio.

The key to generating actionable intelligence that the board room needs is to choose the right strategic metrics. Choosing the right metrics requires an in-depth understanding of how interconnected metrics within economy can impact future performance. There are potentially thousands of metrics that can be tracked – risk professionals must select the metrics that can predict emerging trends and challenges.

360factors talked to risk managers across the country to discover the metrics that have provided the most certainty in these uncertain times.

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  • How peer benchmarking can provide critical context for external risk metrics and bank performance

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