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What is Policy and Procedure Management?

Policy and procedure management is the creation, record-maintenance, tracking, and expiration etc. of an organization’s documents using a policy and procedure management System/Software (DMS). DMS allows storage and sharing of documents on the cloud and has functionalities that enable entitled administrators to manage viewing/editing rights of documents as well as maintain detailed records e.g. the name of the author/creator of each document and people who revised the document alongside when it was revised.

The Challenges

  • One of the biggest challenges that organizations face is the ever-increasing number of rules and regulations, and the pressure to conduct business ethically. With the increasing number of policies, procedures and documents required to ensure compliance, a manual, complex, and inefficient approach to policy and procedure management is no longer an option.
  • Inability to quickly find, share and access all document types from an easy-to-use and secure environment.
  • Many businesses are paper-heavy and they must keep records for multiple years — they appreciate the benefits of faster, accurate access to files; reduced labor costs in managing these documents; and increased space in reducing clunky filing cabinets.
  • Existing systems such as SharePoint have rudimentary version control, document approval and acknowledgement workflows. Documents tend to get lost in routing through email and documents ages without notice.
  • Documents carry critical information that helps run your business and serve your customers. Our policy and procedure management technology and expertise ensure your business information stays accessible, flexible and secure. Our document solutions and services help you get maximum information value while streamlining document processes.

Our Solution

Predict360′s web-based policy and procedure management Software enables organizations to understand all aspects of their document life cycle which includes the creation or expiration of documents, activity, and communication around them, and the management of their change driven by standards, regulations and business requirements. It enables organizations to manage their information throughout its life cycle, improving business productivity while mitigating the risk and costs of growing volumes of content.

Predict360’s policy and procedure management Software is available as a standalone web-based application or as part of a vertically integrated solution which includes regulations and requirements, policies and procedures, risks and controls, audit and inspections, and on-line training and qualifications.

Key Features

Predict360 policy and procedure management software is an affordable, powerful, and easy-to-use policy and procedure management system that will help your business save money and increase productivity. It allows you to:

  • Upload electronic files (“documents”)
  • Manage a library of documents for the company (“Company Documents”)
  • Restrict who can read, modify, approve or delete My Company documents
  • Launch a workflow to obtain approve of a document from one or many users or groups
  • Manage a library of documents of individual users (“My Documents”)
  • Create folders and subfolders
  • Pin, bookmark and tab documents
  • Restore documents from the “Trash”
  • Manage the approval and control the version of documents
  • Expire documents with built-in alerts sent to affected individuals or groups.
  • Associate documents to entities throughout the application, e.g., compliance tasks, regulations, surveys, inspections
  • e-sign documents using DocuSign, e.g., policy acknowledgement.
  • Integrate workflow tools that facilitate the review, approval, check-out, modification and access of documents from any location in a controlled way.
  • Reduce compliance costs with electronic signatures, revision control, and audit trails
  • Ensure that all users are always viewing the latest version of an approved document. It helps to avoid mistakes.

Try applying the following Five-Step policy and procedure management process for success at your organization:

FIVE STEPS FOR SUCCESSFUL Policy and Procedure Management

Step One: Evaluate current Policy and Procedure Management

Assess the document lifecycle to evaluate the competence of current policy and procedure management within the organization. Identify workflows and how documents are created, stored, shared, and managed etc.

Step Two: Select a Policy and Procedure Management Software

Based on Step One’s findings, select a DMS that caters to your organization’s requirements. Most companies currently employ manual policy and procedure management processes; updating to a DMS streamlines policy and procedure management and increases efficiency across the organization.

Step Three: Categorize organizational documents

Organize all documents based into specific categories; e.g. department-wise, project-wise, client-wise or based on permissions etc. Categorization facilitates data migration when implementing the new DMS.

Step Four: Migrate Documents and Apply Metadata

Employ the relevant feature of the selected DMS to upload all documents onto the system; manage viewing/editing rights accordingly. Apply appropriate metadata (e.g. description or reference number) to each document; this helps in searching for and tracking documents quickly.

Step Five: Train staff on the new Policy and Procedure Management System

During the implementation of the new DMS, and for a consistent period after implementation, employees and management alike require hands-on-training of the software in order to maximize its utility and impact on achievement of organizational goals and objectives.