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Training Verification

During one of our SEMS Workshop held in Houston, our discussions and presentations were focused on contractor management and how operators are approaching it with SEMS. One question that was brought up was about training verification. These third party contractors that are hired have to provide proof of the proper training needed for a specific company and site. Without wasting time on verification, how are operators supposed to confirm that every contractor has up to date training as well as training that is sufficient?

This brought up […]

How are Operators Addressing Contractor Management Under SEMS?- SEMS Workshop Recap

On February 20th, ERM and 360factors held a SEMS workshop at the Mays School of Business in Houston, Texas. It was a great turnout, and there were some interesting questions and discussions brought up by the attendees based on the presentations given. The topic of the workshop was the following: how are operators addressing contractor management under SEMS?


The first panelist was Darren Englebaugh who is an EHS contractor and auditor for ERM with over 10 years of EHS experience in the private, commercial, government and non-profit […]

Recognized and Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices: Closing the GEP

With all of the regulations that companies in specific industries have to comply with, it is no wonder there are so many incidents of non-compliance and fines distributed by regulators. In addition to the written law, there are also best practices that OSHA endorses and fines for as well. I am specifically talking about RAGAGEP, which was first introduced in OSHA’s Process Safety Management (PSM) standard, CFR 1910.119. RAGAGEP stands for Recognized and Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices.

The problem with RAGAGEP is that it is up […]

Oil & Gas SEMS Workshop on February 20, 2014

Come join us for a delicious lunch at the Mays School of Business in Houston and listen to industry experts discuss how operators are addressing contractor management under SEMS. This is a great opportunity to share community best practices, learn from subject matter experts, network, and enjoy a free lunch. Reserve your spot now.

When: February 20, 2014 from 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM CST

Where: Mays School of Business at CityCentre

842 West Sam Houston Parkway N.

Houston, Texas 77024

Topic: How are operators approaching contractor management under SEMS?

Cost: FREE

Christopher […]

What are some of the best industry conferences to attend?

Throughout history, it has always been important to maintain relationships with people and learn and grow through each other’s mistakes and triumphs. In the GRC space, this is just as important, if not more. With all of the danger and risk associated with energy exploration, drilling, production, etc…, it is extremely crucial to engage other people in the industry in order to evolve together into a better, safer world. There are many ways to accomplish this sharing of ideas through webinars, events, conferences, and basic networking. […]

Five Steps to Select a Safety Management System

Every company has a different way of going about selecting solutions that will work best for the organization, but there are five useful steps for all companies to abide by, at least as a starting place, to effectively select a safety management system. They are as follows:

Admittance and Acceptance – Just like the first step in Alcoholics Anonymous, this step is one of the most important ones. So many companies are too proud or consumed in business to admit and accept that they NEED a safety management […]

Why Should Companies Embrace Online Training?

In the Oil & Gas industry, there tends to be a plethora of criticism buzzing around online training for employees. Despite the bad notions that surround online training and online courses, this method of teaching has proved to be successful and popular across various niches of the world of learning. In the 21st century, it is becoming increasingly normal for methods of accomplishing things to shift from pen and paper to computers and web-based learning management systems (LMS).


For example, driver’s education, college courses, generalized testing, certification, etc. […]

The Third of the Five C’s of Compliance: Consulting

Communication are the first two of the five C’s of Compliance. As I was awaiting the results of a general checkup at the doctor’s office the other day, an interesting, yet unsettling thought occurred to me. This man, my doctor, is as much of a stranger to me as the guy I bought coffee from this morning. I have met them both only one time, and yet I am willing to give the doctor all of the power in the world to improve or destroy my […]

Revolutionizing the Simplicity of Regulatory Change Management

Imagine that you are about to take a drive to a place you have dreamed of going your entire life. Your suitcases are packed in the car, and all you have to do is put your key in, turn the car on, keep an eye on the dashboard every now and then, and drive. Your focus is on the road ahead that leads to your final destination and the quickest, safest way to get there. This is simplicity at its best.


Now, imagine you want to make […]