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Creating a sustainable policy and procedure management framework

“Dutch bank ING fined $1.18-billion for failing to spot money laundering” was the headline of the day earlier last week when ING agreed to a settlement where their financial controls were so poor that customers were able to easily launder money. “Even though our policies and procedures in the Netherlands resulted in us terminating the relationships with thousands of clients, it was not enough”, says ING in a statement. Companies often find out too late that their policies and procedures were inadequate or outdated. A […]

Make compliance management faster, better, and smarter

Organizations are concerned about the costs of compliance, and compliance violations remain a major headache for management. Organizations want to improve compliance, but the prevalent perception is that it will increase the cost and affect the company’s profits. Organizations thus need to find a way to improve compliance, while at the same time also lowering the costs of compliance. While this may seem unattainable, there are solutions that manage to do both.

Automation is the answer
With the help of automation based compliance management solutions organizations can achieve […]

The Value of Risk for Banks

Risk Management can transform risk for small to mid-sized banks.
We are all aware of the negative connotations around the word ‘risk’ – it is almost always thought of as a bad thing. However, risk management solutions help change the organizational perspective on risk, and can turn it into a strong asset for any small to mid-sized bank.

Risk lessons from an F1 driver

The key lesson is to understand that risk is an important asset when making decisions for the future of the organization. Not just for banks […]

The 3 key areas where compliance automation saves banks the most time

Time is the most valuable thing an organization has, the only resource which truly can never be recouped or reused. Decreasing the amount of time taken to do a task isn’t just an improvement in terms of speed. It also helps the company become better at its job while at the same time increasing profitability. This is especially true for the financial industry. Banks and other financial institutions have matters that are more time sensitive than most other businesses.

Banks that can adapt faster and better […]

The Power of Compliance Calendar

The new world order has seen the rise of mega enterprises with complex infrastructure. Streamlining operations has become essential for consistent functioning of these enterprises, which is why following regulatory guidelines has become vital. Besides simply following the rules, staying ahead of deadlines is crucial for evading action by regulatory bodies. Hence, there has been a growing need for a solution that can provide alerts at the right time for timely completion of regulatory tasks. A compliance calendar comes with information and deadlines specific to filing […]

How to streamline Regulatory Change Management?

The Compendium of Evidence on the Effectiveness of Innovation Policy Intervention Project in the stewardship of Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR), University of Manchester has revealed some interesting facts about Regulatory Change Management. There have always been mixed opinions about the importance of regulations in the industries and people are unable to come to a consensus. In order to get some clarity and ascertain the impact of regulations on organizations, an endogenous growth approach, developed by Carlin and Soskice in 2006 was employed. This approach […]