Let’s look at why we need these systems, what benefits they can provide, and the many types of LMS applications available.

What is Learning Management Software?

There is a lot of confusion among people when it comes to learning management systems. Most people don’t even know that learning management software applications exist, but people who work in HR in heavily regulated industries know how vital these systems can be. Learning management software is software that helps business manage the training, education, and certifications of their employees. They are very common in heavily regulated industries, as these industries need to train and certify employees to comply with regulations. They thus need a way to ensure that all such training is being carried out as needed and a way to manage all the trainings within the organization, which is where learning management systems help. Enterprise learning management software is mostly operated and maintained by the Human Resource department.

What does a Learning Management System do?

A learning management system helps manage training and certifications. It creates a centralized record of all trainings, schedules training, and lets management see the certifications of all their employees. Management can ensure that they are compliant with all regulations and have provided all the training they needed to provide in just a click. If any employee has not been trained for a task the information will be available on their profile within the system. Management can also focus on organization-wide learning.

These learning management systems aren’t just for educational training – they can be used for any sort of training that is helpful or necessary within the organization. Businesses can make sure that all their employees have fire safety training, restaurants can ensure that all their employees in all the different branches have food safety training, and so on. They can also help HR ensure that all positions are staffed by appropriate people.

Does your business need a learning management system?

Not every business needs a learning management system – small businesses can manage learning fine without a dedicated system for it. Businesses that are slightly larger can also survive without a learning management system if they are not operating in a heavily regulated sector of the economy. If you operate a business that does not operate any special training or certification in any department or role within the organization, then your business can probably afford to run without a learning management software implementation.

However, any business that operates in a heavily regulated industry will benefit immensely from an LMS. Learning management software for small businesses targets businesses that operate in such industries. If your business operates in the financial sector, the healthcare sector, real estate, the energy sector, or any other similar sector about which there are many special rules and regulations, your business needs an LMS. The LMS will ensure compliance by keeping all the employees trained as required, and by letting you know if there are any certification or training related problems.

How much does it cost to use an LMS?

Learning management systems come in all shapes and sizes. There are big software suites aimed at multi-national organizations that cost millions of dollars to implement, but they will probably be overkill for most businesses. Online learning management software presents a much better proposition for small and medium businesses. These online solutions can be easily procured by making a small payment every month. This keeps the costs very low and there is another major advantage – cloud based systems do not require any maintenance from your end. Since the whole system operates on the cloud, all the maintenance is done by the LMS provider.

If you want to improve the way training and certifications are handled at your business, you should see how learning management software can help your organization. Get in touch with our team and we will listen to your needs and then show you how an LMS may help.