How to Scale Your Oil & Gas Regulatory Compliance Consulting Practice

Posted by: Sarah Hamilton

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If you are a Compliance , Risk and Auditing Consulting firm in the EHS Regulatory Compliance  industry providing SEMS Compliance Consulting, OSHA PSM Compliance, EHS Compliance, MOC Compliance and other Regulatory Advisory services  and  asking  yourself  “ How to do I grow and scale my practice”, then read on.

You already know that scaling and growing your consulting practice is heavily dependent on your ability to quickly find consultants with strong expertise in the subject matter. Why not use a sophisticated regulatory compliance software tool to help you scale and grow by leveraging your existing infrastructure of consultants. Not only it will help you scale, but it will also allow you margin expansion. How does it allow you margin expansion? You can use the regulatory compliance software tool for low level functions and use limited consultants for high value/high margin functions.


As GRC / Regulatory Compliance Solutions matures, there will be more and more Oil and Gas Regulatory Compliance Software companies providing solutions that will increase cost efficiencies, automate compliance processes, increasing visibility and transparency for firms breaking down silos within the organizations. Oil and Gas firms are going to continue to demand margin expansion by reducing their head cost and eventually their cost in their compliance departments. Firms typically do that by automating and eliminating head count. However, you need software tools to automate your regulatory compliance workflow tools to meet that objective.

If you are an Oil & Gas Regulatory Compliance Consulting firm providing SEMS Compliance, EHS Compliance, EPA Compliance, Competency management and OSHA PSM Compliance, why not secure a regulatory compliance software partner to help you scale, increase your margins, reduce the cost of compliance for your clients, increase accuracy, quality  and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Defensive – Resist to crossing the chasm of embracing software tools under the false assumption that software tools will cannibalize your consulting practice.

Offensive – Embrace the trend of partnering with a regulatory compliance software vendor and scale and grow your practice leveraging existing consultants.

If you like the offensive option,  then you can partner with an organization like 360Factors who has developed a regulatory compliance software, PREDICT360 to help your consultant firm scale your consulting practice, increase your margins and differentiate yourself from your competitors.


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