The Unbearable Cost of Noncompliance

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Compliance teams face extraordinary market conditions, changing laws, constantly shifting regulations, and increased pressures on enforcing actions. Regulatory compliance has become a growing pain point for Chief compliance officers and Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) Staff members.

Risk is attached to every regulatory development. A potential risk leaves the organization noncompliant and vulnerable if it’s not properly managed and mitigated. Aligning risk and compliance with your organizational needs using automation ensures your organization to meet regulatory compliance, manage risk and be audit ready.

Your organization needs a defined regulatory change management process — and should be served as a single source for regulatory information, requirements, news, analysis, rules and developments.  Ability to track regulatory standards and training requirements spanning across multiple regulators is a critical element of a compliance process.

Building a regulatory intelligence strategy requires the implementation of a software that monitors regulatory change, measures impact on the business, while implementing appropriate policy, training, and control updates.

This is where PREDICT360, a SaaS-based software of 360Factors fits in using a revolutionary regulatory change management software designed to help organizations meet regulatory compliance and manage behaviour-based risk by providing:

  • Regulatory knowledge base
  • Risk and audit management
  • Advisory management
  • Corrective action management to achieve compliance through CAPA system.

Our mission is to reduce the burden of regulatory compliance so you can dynamically manage your regulatory changes with our software and avoid the cost of noncompliance.

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