Streamlining the Vendor Management Process 

Posted by: Bobby O'Neal | January 18, 2019


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Vendor management can be a very frustrating part of the business. Vendors are absolutely crucial to business operations, but they operate independently, which makes them an uncontrollable factor for management. Businesses that do not have a proactive vendor management process find themselves in trouble when one of their vendors makes a mistake. If the vendor fails to deliver services, it can stop the business from delivering its services to its customers as well. That is why it is important to streamline vendor management.

Vendor Management Process

Manage the Full Life Cycle of All Your Vendors

Businesses need vendor life cycle management if they want to ensure smooth operations. Vendor management systems that offer life cycle management functionality ensure that all the necessary steps are followed, from onboarding to offloading. It is important to ensure that all documentation is complete before a vendor is onboarded. It is also important to ensure that the vendor is provided with all the required information to deliver you services the way you need them delivered. That’s not all – life cycle management means that every aspect of the vendor relationship is managed. This means that vendor progress needs to be tracked every month and a report needs to be created.

Risk Scoring

Risk scoring is always an important part of streamlining the vendor management process. Businesses need to know the reliability of their vendors and the sensitivity of the business in relation to the services delivered by the vendor. If the vendor is supplying something that does not affect the business majorly then the risk will be low. However, there are vendors that supply products, materials, and services that are essential to run a business. A factory cannot run if it does not get the chemicals and materials it needs during production. An office cannot run if it does not have an active internet connection. These are examples of areas where vendor risk is high and needs to be managed proactively.

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Risk scoring allows businesses to close their vulnerabilities, which is why it is such a crucial component of the vendor management process. Risk scoring tells businesses where they need backups. Any vendor that operates in a high risk area needs to have a backup or even multiple backups if needed. Businesses can also do risk scoring on the vendors themselves to determine which vendors are reliable and worthy of maintaining a business relationship with.

Communicate Assessments or Workflows to the Vendors

Another advantage of the streamlined vendor management process is that it gives your business the ability to provide feedback and insights to the vendors. If a vendor is consistently making a mistake or delivering services in a way that is inconvenient for your business, they need to be informed. They need to be given complete information about where things are going wrong and why your business needs them to deliver services in a different manner. If you continuously provide your vendors with feedback, they will keep tweaking their service delivery methods until a perfect equilibrium is achieved.

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Streamlining Needs a Central System

The best way to streamline the vendor management process is to manage it through a centralized system. Vendor management systems are quickly becoming a common sight because of the benefits that they provide. They provide management with an easy and organized way of ensuring that their vendors are qualified and deliver the services that are needed. These systems offer full vendor life cycle management along. They also help in managing risks and compliance. Businesses can ensure that their vendors fulfill all the legal prerequisites for delivering services, including certifications and assessments.

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