An interesting article was posted several weeks ago about the development of technological advances to address the next generation of risk and regulatory compliance challenges. While others are busy developing solutions to meet these new challenges, 360factors’ offers that technological advancement today.  It is called Predict360.


Next gen technology today

Are your gearing up to get your hands on next generation tech?


Predict360 offers the following capabilities, which are unmatched in other GRC and EHS software applications.

  • Predict360 aggregates risks into a holistic enterprise risk profile. It automatically updates the risk profile based on internal and external events to manage the change in the risk profile over time. It can also predict potential risk levels and perform scenario analysis.
  • Predict360 monitors current requirements, alerts work groups to changes in regulations, and consider new ones about to be in effect.
  • Predict360 uses cognitive computing to parse out the requirements within regulations and standards and drive actions based on the requirements.
  • Predict360 integrates Policies and Procedure, Audit management, Risk Management, Case / Task management, and Learning Management in a single platform.

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