Why do things spiral out of control?

It is easier to manage work when the business is small but as the business grows things get more complicated. Many business owners struggle with the growth phase. They are happy that the business is growing but they can see that they are losing control over the many business processes that made their business a success. That is where workflow management software can help. The growth of a business can be a humbling experience for the business owner. While they are happy about the success, they also get to learn how hard it is to ensure that the growth stays on track. The biggest problems that small business owners face is that they can no longer be as involved in their business as they were before. When the business is small and there are only a few employees the business owner can get involved in every process. They personally know every employee and they monitor almost every business process, intervening wherever they need to.

This is not a sustainable practice as a business grows. It is possible to have a personal relationship with every employee and train them personally if there are a few employees but if there are a hundred employees it simply cannot be done. The owner must make sure that the business follows the right strategy and they thus cannot get involved in everything. That is why workflow management software for small businesses is so useful.

What does a business workflow management software do?

A document workflow management software helps ensure that the proper process is followed whenever documents are being created, edited, shared, reviewed, or deleted. It can increase the productivity of an office exponentially. Modern workflow management software solutions also come with document management systems which can manage the whole lifecycle of the important documents that define the business and its operations.

Managing all this workflow manually results in productivity and auditing issues. When files are being sent among employees there is no mechanism in place to protect the file or its contents. If any of the email inboxes are breached or unsecure in any way, then the important document can be accessed by hackers.

Version control is another major problem that is solved by workflow management software. Without document workflow management managers have no control over documents. This can result in different people within the organization using different versions of the same document, which can result in major problems. Imagine if a policy had been updated, but someone started drafting a contract based on the policy they had on their computers already. Such a small mistake can result in a lot of financial and managerial problems in the future.

Document workflow management software introduces version control. Only one version of the file exists in a central server and any change made to it will be reflected when anyone opens the document. If any changes are made to the file, it is logged within the system so those changes can be reverted if needed. This ensures that there are no version conflicts and the whole organization is on the same page.

Storing document securely

Document workflow management software also stores document securely as it has access controls built in. Management can decide who can access what type of documents, ensuring that sensitive documents are only accessible by people who have the appropriate clearance levels. The system also keeps documents secure by logging every access attempt. If there is a leak the management can easily audit and find out who accessed the document before the leak.

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