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AUSTIN, TX | June 10, 2024 360factors Inc. is thrilled to announce the launch of Lumify360™, a cutting-edge predictive data analytics platform designed to capture, integrate, and enrich key performance indicators (KPIs) and key risk indicators (KRIs) data with strategic goals, business objectives, and risk appetites.

Offering an integrated, out-of-the-box platform to collect KPI and KRI data from disparate sources and teams, Lumify360 enables organizational-wide access to this data and provides end-user reporting, business analysis, and predictive insights to business performance and makes this data actionable with built-in workflow automation and AI technology.

While KPI data is available in most organizations, it’s often siloed and difficult to consolidate, enrich, and correlate it in a way that empowers timely and confident business and strategic decisions. Lumify360 overcomes these challenges with its robust, modern technology stack. It also has pre-built integration to public data sources, such as the Federal Reserve Economic Database (FRED) and the FFIEC UBPR Call Report database. And it can connect to cloud or on-premise data sources, such as Databricks, Snowflake, Azure, SharePoint, business applications, proprietary databases, and many more sources, to transform your data into real-time, enriched KPIs and KRIs.

“Most financial organizations want to realize the vast benefits of advanced technologies and data analytics but often lack the internal resources to develop truly predictive solutions,” said Carl L. McCauley, CEO of 360factors. “With Lumify360, small and mid-market organizations can quickly level up their technology to compete with their larger competitors and gain a 360-degree view of business performance.”

Lumify360 bridges the vast data infrastructure, technology skills, and cost gaps for executives at small and mid-market organizations, banks, and credit unions who need to make critical business decisions quickly and confidently with data-driven KPIs and KRIs.

Lumify360 is a modern data analytics platform that predicts business performance by enriching KPIs with internal and external data for real-time decision-making. Built for mid-market organizations, Lumify360 delivers full-fledged capabilities traditionally reserved for large enterprises, including a data lake built on Microsoft Fabric, Power BI visualizations, data connectors, a workflow engine, robust data governance, and Kaia—an integrated AI companion that makes analyzing data and providing recommendations accessible to everyday users in a secure fashion.

About 360factors, Inc.

360factors Inc. is a pioneering risk and compliance management technology company that empowers organizations with comprehensive, AI-driven solutions. Our flagship products, Predict360 and Lumify360, provide advanced capabilities for managing business performance and risk while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Predict360 integrates risk and compliance processes into a single, integrated GRC platform to streamline regulatory compliance, improve efficiency, and reduce risk while providing predictive insights and recommendations with advanced AI technology.

Lumify360 captures, integrates and enriches internal and external KPI and KRI data with strategic goals, business objectives and risk appetite with a complete integrated, out-the-box predictive data analytics platform including seamless Power BI reporting for end-user reporting and visualization, AI-driven insights and an automated workflow engine to make this data actionable.

For more information, visit www.360factors.com.

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