Risk Management Challenges and Opportunities: 2021 Outlook

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Webinar Overview:

As banks and financial institutions navigate 2021, new challenges for risk and compliance continue to emerge. This requires today’s executive leadership to traverse through a crowded landscape of financial and non-financial risks – including pandemic-related 2020 holdovers and those related to future economic uncertainty. However, these times also bring transformative opportunities to accelerate innovation and create value for your bank’s stakeholders.

Join Robert Berger, VP of Sales at 360factors, Deanna Radich, Senior Compliance Manager at Western Alliance Bank, and Clayton Mitchell, Principal at Crowe, for an engaging perspective on risk and compliance in 2021.


  • What risk and compliance challenges are on the 2021 horizon
  • Where can banks uncover opportunities in an uncertain economy
  • How lessons learned from 2020 can strengthen resilience and accelerate business transformation
  • How modern technologies enable risk and compliance leaders to create business value while enhancing performance


Chief Risk Officer (CRO), Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), Risk EVP/VP, Compliance EVP/VP, Risk Director, Compliance Director, Vendor Risk, Vendor Compliance


Deanna Radich, CRCM
Senior Compliance Manager
Western Alliance Bank

Clayton Mitchell
Crowe, LLP Bank

Robert Berger
Senior Vice President of Sales

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