Recapping 360factors’ 2019

2019 was a year where 360factors built new partnerships, acquired new clients, shared new knowledge, and launched new products. We take a look back at some of our most significant achievements in 2019.

Newsworthy Events
Being a leader in risk and compliance intelligence solutions means that our progress is often documented by the press. Some of […]

Why Effective Vendor Management Is Important?

Most organizations are increasingly using multiple third-party vendors and contractors to expand the product portfolio and improve customer experiences. However, managing relationships and agreements with multiple third-party vendors and contractors can get very complex very quickly. In some cases, regulations are in place that require due diligence to minimize third-party risk exposure.

The increased regulations […]

Is Your Safety Management System Effective?

Taking a systematic approach to safety management makes managing your business both easier and more effective. It allows you to work out the best way to handle each aspect of your organization’s safety program while making sure that everyone uses the same approach every time.

The best Safety and Health Programs involve every level of […]

How to Overcome Key Challenges in Regulatory Change Management?

Typically firms having a complex organization with multiple branches, in multiple states and countries lack an integrated system that enables them to figure out which regulations apply to which branch office, which type of activity and which internal controls. Furthermore, the use of different tools across multiple departments increases cost, creates silos and mistrust […]

Why Automate Policy and Procedure Management?

Management of policies and procedures is increasingly becoming a pain point within organizations. Some of the pain points include:

Ability for employees to have access to one and same version of the policy
No accountability or audit trails
Policies and procedures not having a style guide with no consistency
Distribution, communication and meet signature requirements to ensure people […]

How to Ensure Regulatory Compliance and Effective Safety Management for Oil and Gas Companies?

The Oil and Gas industry is growing but at the same time increases in Oil and Gas activity correlate with an increase in the rate of fatal occupational injuries, particularly when inexperienced workers are not sufficiently trained in safety and precautionary measures.

In addition, Oil and Gas companies also face unprecedented regulatory pressures –organizations are […]