Why & How to Integrate Compliance Testing & Risk Assessments

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Today’s banks, credit unions and financial services organizations are exposed to greater regulatory and compliance risk than ever before. Not only must compliance executives comprehend, identify, and manage existing and emerging regulatory and compliance risks, they must also constantly assess the compliance risk management life cycle to determine which regulatory risks have the greatest potential for harm and prioritize mitigation of those risks.

Why & How to Integrate Compliance Testing & Risk Assessments

By integrating Compliance Risk Assessments, Testing, and Monitoring, risk and compliance professionals can more easily uncover emerging regulatory and legal risks and partner with key stakeholders to identify appropriate owners and prioritize mitigation actions. Join us for a 1-hour webinar, including a product demonstration.


  • Why Compliance Risk Assessments, Testing, and Monitoring are intertwined
  • Best practices for building a Compliance Monitoring and Testing framework and methodology
  • How to use the methodology to evaluate the likelihood and potential impact of each risk
  • How technology can enable Compliance teams to integrate Compliance Risk Assessments, Testing, and Monitoring as part of the enterprise Compliance program


Chief Risk Officer (CRO), Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), Risk EVP/VP, Compliance EVP/VP, Risk Director, Compliance Director

Event Details:

Title: Why & How to Integrate Compliance Testing & Risk Assessments

Date & Time: Thursday, December 10, 2020 at 01:00 PM CST

Duration: 01 hr


LeAnne Magill-Perrine
Managing Director – Risk and Compliance Services
Innovatus Advisory Group

With 15 years of risk and compliance experience, LeAnne Perrine is a risk management and financial services leader with a focus on risk mitigation efforts, specifically in compliance. She expertly provides guidance regarding independent oversight within the second line of defense, credible challenge, and operational and compliance risk mitigation processes and controls across enterprise-wide risk management programs. She inspires a culture of compliance and risk management through critical, agile, and strategic thinking, detailed analysis, and collaboration across the three lines of defense, including senior leadership and executives to exceed organizational goals in fast-paced environments while reducing risk exposure.

Over the course of her career, LeAnne has developed robust and sustainable compliance programs and effectively executed risk mitigation efforts, while inspiring motivation and quality performance amongst teams of risk and compliance professionals. Her well-rounded expertise in risk and compliance advisory services, internal audit, global financial crimes compliance, information technology advisory, compliance assurance services and project management provide effective results and value in the development of customized and innovative solutions for continuous success of risk and compliance programs.

Robert Berger
Vice President of Sales

As the Vice President of Sales, Robert brings over 20 years of technical sales and people management experience to 360factors. As VP of Sales, Robert is focused on driving rapid revenue growth by building an industry-leading sales organization founded on a culture of customer success, integrity, continuous improvement and enjoying each moment; developing a customer-centric and thought leadership based consultative sales approach to spur immediate growth in the industry; defining a holistic sales process to provide clarity of expectations internally and externally, ensure smooth transitions between teams and accelerate the buying cycle by removing friction for our clients; evolving internal stake-holders relationships and handshakes to increase operational effectiveness and collaboration across functions; and creating an environment of personal and professional growth for every team member and customer with whom we interact.

Robert joined 360factors from National Instruments, a global leader in test, measurement, and control solutions, where he led the transformation of the professional remote sales team to drive consistent organic growth through vision-based execution. Additionally, Robert developed a sales development and coaching program to increase employee retention and accelerate new seller on-boarding.

Robert holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University and an Executive Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Texas.

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