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How are you Managing and Assessing Performance?

Posted by: Doug Hatler | October 29, 2015

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Companies are looking for ways to improve performance while simultaneously reducing cost and risk, and ensuring compliance.   Through strategic planning, and in alignment with human resource management processes, companies are setting individual and group goals that align organizational culture, structure and strategies with business targets.  The setting of goals is often followed by the implementation of performance management system to make certain the goals are consistently being measured and evaluated in an effective and efficient manner.

In many cases the performance management system relies on spreadsheets and email, and somewhat resembles like:

  • Managers evaluate performance and capture the data for each individual in a spreadsheet.
  • The data are then aggregated for the group to evaluate group performance
  • That group’s spreadsheet is then sent to a director so the data from multiple groups can be aggregated for a division

This continues upward in the organization until all performance data are aggregated to produce the final results for the whole company.  This process if wrought with inefficiency, error, and unnecessary complexity.  A much better way is to implement a performance management software that automates performance management for increased productivity and profitability.

This would streamline the performance appraisal management process to promote goal achievement, productivity, continuous feedback, coaching and development.  It could easily capture all performance data in one system and provide highly configurable dashboards to make goal-setting, measurement and reporting easy and transparent.

Managers and their employees have an immediate snapshot of their performance and progress towards achieving their goals.

Are you measuring  performance and evaluating results quickly and accurately across your entire company?


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