Learning Management

Why Learning Management System is Important?

In today’s complex world, increasing compliance, regulation, and record keeping is turning more and more companies towards Learning Management Systems as a solution to save money and ensure accurate records are kept. Learning Management System offers organizations and individuals a huge opportunity to make learning easier and more compelling while lowering [...]

How to Stay Current with Changing Regulations?

Compliance can be daunting for organizations, especially in a sea of regulations and laws governing their businesses. It needs to be communicated to every level in the organization because the consequences of noncompliance pose huge business risks.Companies are fined millions of dollars in violation of the FCPA, Anti-Corruption, Anti-Money Laundering and [...]

Training and the FDA – What do they want?

The FDA requires medical device and drug manufacturers to train their employees. Training must occur for all types of regulated activities from internal quality management procedures/policies to CFR requirements. The agency expects companies to establish comprehensive procedures that not only detail how the staff will be trained but also complies with the Q [...]

Blue Hill Research Identifies 360factors as a GRC Innovator

Our discussion on driving down the cost of GRC on Linkedin groups has received some attention and it’s in good timing with how organizations have begun to make significant decisions on making new investments in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC).  GRC over the years has become so complex especially in the aspect of regulatory compliance. With the rapid [...]

What is One Overlooked Reason for Workplace Accidents?

Have you ever learned a second language? Before you are fluent, the process which you have to go through is strenuous and slow, hindering communication abilities. You first hear the sentence in the foreign language, and then your brain works to translate it into your first language so that you can make sense of the words. This process slows down communicatio [...]