How Banks Can Better Identify, Predict and Mitigate Emerging Risks

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Webinar Overview:

How to determine emerging risks in a better way? Some of the smartest small and mid-sized banks in the country are asking themselves this very question. They know that they have access to a lot of data from internal and external sources – can this data be used to detect risks earlier or increase the accuracy of risk assessments? Modern risk management solutions focus on detecting and predicting risks because these insights can help banks proactively mitigate risks and enhance their risk management framework by bringing together data and turning it into business intelligence.

As a thought-leader in the GRC space and an ABA endorsed solution provider, 360factors will discuss how you can transform your risk management and reporting by injecting risk insights and predictive analytics into your current risk management reporting.

Regardless of how your organization currently tracks and manage risks, you will learn best practices to mature your risk program in a way that directly influences business results. We’re going to undertake the journey to transform your risk intelligence reporting from basic risk assessments (RCSA) to enterprise and operational risk management (ERM & ORM) to creating value for the organization by predict risks using internal and external data/KPIs to increase profitability and accelerate innovation.

You will learn:

  • Challenges and limitations of risk management reporting
  • About an achievable path to risk maturity that is applicable for banks of any size
  • The impact real-time predictive insights can have on driving value creation
  • How incorporating internal and external data and KRIs can transform your risk reporting approach and enable you to predict risks


Chief Risk Officer (CRO), Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), Risk EVP/VP, Compliance EVP/VP, Risk Director, Compliance Director, Vendor Risk, Vendor Compliance


Robert Berger
Senior Vice President of Sales

Peter Moenickheim
former Chief Risk Officer
Ocwen Financial and Santander Consumer

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