Regulatory Change Management: What Lies Ahead in 2021

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Webinar Overview:

Regulatory compliance is a complex and labor-intensive process for many financial organizations. As the financial industry navigates 2021, compliance officers must consider new regulatory impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, recent U.S. election, Brexit, and other transformative events in addition to routine regulatory updates. How are today’s compliance leaders maximizing their regulatory change management programs to maneuver through regulatory uncertainty with greater agility and insight?

Join Robert Berger, VP of Sales for 360factors, and Nick Paraskeva, Principal of Reg-Room, LLC for a 1-hour webinar, including a brief product demonstration, and discover:


  • An overview of today’s regulatory landscape for the financial industry and the key developments regulatory subject matter experts are anticipating in 2021
  • How to leverage advanced technologies to determine more quickly what may be impacted by regulatory changes, including policies, training, risks, controls, assessment checklists, compliance monitoring and testing activities, and audits
  • How to create and manage a Regulatory Change Management project plan more efficiently using automation to manage associated tasks and activities across the entire organization, business units and/or product lines


Chief Risk Officer (CRO), Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), Risk EVP/VP, Compliance EVP/VP, Risk Director, Compliance Director, Vendor Risk, Vendor Compliance


Nick Paraskeva
Reg-Room, LLC

Robert Berger
Vice President of Sales

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