Complimentary White Paper: How Advanced Risk-Control Self-Assessment (RCSA) Can Better Evaluate and Mitigate Emerging Risks

Have you ever felt that your current tools and processes to manage your daily responsibilities leave you always feeling behind and trying to catch up?

Risk and compliance professionals know the importance of proactivity and staying ahead of emerging risks and changing regulations with an ever-increasing workload. The challenge is that leadership needing to approve the procurement and implementation of new tools and technology to stay ahead may not understand the importance of this type of investment as they are removed from the daily activity that drives results in this area. This creates problems for the risk and compliance departments as they work at much lower efficiency and effectiveness without the right tools at their disposal.
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Key Takeaways

  • Understanding top priorities for leadership in the organization
  • Connecting and aligning risk and compliance with organizational goals
  • Building and presenting a business case to gain internal support

From Whiteboard to Boardroom



Robert Berger, Vice President of Sales

Robert brings over 18 years of technical sales and people management experience to 360factors. As VP of Sales, Robert is focused on building an industry-leading sales organization founded on a culture of customer success, integrity, and continuous improvement. He works with many customers who are seeking ways to improve their risk and compliance programs and welcomes the opportunity to share his thought leadership from his experience on these topics.