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Why Compliance Management Programs need to be automated

Posted by: Raza Shahid | April 9, 2018

Compliance management is an immense undertaking that has to be managed by each and every stakeholder in the banking and financial industry. Why compliance management programs are necessary Before we delve into the benefits, let’s look at the need for change management programs. Regulatory changes occur often and…

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The Future of Compliance Management

Posted by: Bobby O'Neal | February 6, 2018

If human history is taken as a reference point and compared with the current state of affairs (in all walks of life), we would find a clear pattern emerging between demand and supply. As far back as in 6000 BC, humans developed the barter system. With passing…

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The Power of Compliance Calendar

Posted by: Carl McCauley | January 29, 2018

The new world order has seen the rise of mega enterprises with complex infrastructure. Streamlining operations has become essential for consistent functioning of these enterprises, which is why following regulatory guidelines has become vital. Besides simply following the rules, staying ahead of deadlines is crucial for evading…

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5 Benefits of an Effective Compliance Management Solution

Posted by: Raza Shahid | January 24, 2018

In the aftermath of 2007 housing bubble and market crash, the banking world has inculcated a changed vision towards liquidity risks. This spontaneous change in the outlook has been responsible for the creation of new regulations by regulatory bodies like Federal Reserve Board and Office of the…

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How to Keep Track of Policies?

Posted by: Chris Duden | January 19, 2018

Just like any other crucial leader of an organization, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is tasked with critical responsibilities; the most important of them is handling the finances and overseeing the team that is in charge of financial operations. Besides performing mission critical tasks, the CFO also has…

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5 Steps to develop a risk management plan for your small business

Posted by: Amy Nickson | December 18, 2017

Risks are common in business. You can’t always remove all the financial, material or physical risks you might face in your business, but you can minimize the risk to a great extent through proper planning and management. Unfortunately, quite a number of business owners think “risk management”…

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