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Regulatory change management’s role in the transformation of the energy industry

Posted by: Raza Shahid | June 21, 2018

The energy industry is geared up for a transformation in the form of compliance management. With changing regulations, companies will need all the tools and support they can get to successfully transform. Regulatory change management solutions and compliance management solutions will become necessary in facilitating this transformation. This isn’t…

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How audit management systems help regional banks

Posted by: Chris Duden | June 13, 2018

Audits continue to be one of the most important tools that financial organizations have for compliance, enterprise risk management, ethics, safety, and much more. Audits are done not just to show regulatory bodies that the bank is performing ethically – they are also necessary to ensure that the organization…

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The future merger of risk management, compliance management, and sustainability management

Posted by: Raza Shahid | June 12, 2018

Organizations are discovering that these three factors are more linked to each other than previously thought or perceived. Risk and compliance management have always been important tenets of the financial industry, and recently sustainability management has also increased in importance. These three things have been kept separate in almost…

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The Value of Risk for Banks

Posted by: Carl McCauley | June 8, 2018

Risk Management can transform risk for small to mid-sized banks. We are all aware of the negative connotations around the word ‘risk’ – it is almost always thought of as a bad thing. However, risk management solutions help change the organizational perspective on risk, and can turn it into a…

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The New Role of Compliance Managers in the automation era

Posted by: Chris Duden | June 7, 2018

Automation will end up changing the way we work. The change isn’t far off in the distance or theoretical in any manner – it is already happening. Automation is slowly entering more and more industries and it is now here for compliance. Compliance management systems are automating…

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The importance of vendor management systems for small and mid-sized banks

Posted by: Ed Sattar | June 6, 2018

Every organization needs and uses vendors. Banks and financial institutions cannot afford any interruptions in their business, and making sure that vendors are being managed properly ensures that this risk is managed. Vendors increase organizational risk Vendor management systems are an important part of enterprise risk management, because vendors increase…

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